December 2018   
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Bryce Kristofferson

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Throughout the month of February 2017,we will be studying “The Truth!”  You may be wondering exactly what “The Truth” is.  For six weeks we will be looking at some core doctrines of the church.  Some of you may now be wondering “what is a doctrine and why should I care?”  A doctrine is a core truth that identifies what we believe as Christians.  

I firmly believe that we live in a time that Christians need to know what they believe and can explain it to someone now more than at any previous time in our lifetime.  Our neighbors, friends and co-workers now know less about the Bible, less about who Jesus is and less about what Christians really believe than they did a generation ago.  This is not a new phenomenon in the world, but it is pretty new  in America. 

During our time studying these doctrines, you will learn the doctrine of God, the doctrine of humanity, the person and work of Christ, the kingdom of God, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the doctrine of the church.  Then you should be able to explain those to a person who does not know anything about God or Jesus. 

We cannot allow the media and the world to keep defining Christianity.  They will intentionally cast us in a poor light!  We must know what we believe and practice what we believe in a loving way that shows our community just how much better their life can be with Jesus at the center of it!

The truth is that we serve a God who created us and loves us and desires a relationship with us.  A relationship that will lead to a better life now.  A life where God walks with us and goes through life with us when we encounter life’s many struggles and problems.  A life that leads to a group of loving and caring people who will go through life with you and be there for you.  We serve a God who wants to spend eternity with us!  He has made a way for us to do just that! 

I hope to see you at Centennial soon!